Piano Syllabus Q&A with Peter Wild

31 Jul 2017

‘We feel that part of our remit is to reflect new music and to encourage teachers and learners to explore different styles’.

In the latest piece in the Talk Trinity blog series Peter Wild, Trinity’s lead senior examiner, answers questions about Trinity’s new Piano syllabus posed by members of the Piano Network UK Facebook Group.

With questions covering everything from the selection of pieces, to the rationale behind our scales’ requirements, to how the syllabus supports emerging talent, Peter gives his insights into the new syllabus, while unpicking some of the specific repertoire choices in the Foundation (Initial to 3) Grades.

Read the Piano syllabus Q&A here


This piece is the third in the Talk Trinity blog series, which looks to explore the wider thinking and values that underpin everything we do. Read the other pieces in the series here.

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