Our latest Strings Syllabus is now available

4 Jun 2019

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our Strings 2020-2023 Syllabus, which can be used for exams from 1 January 2020.

Trinity’s Strings Syllabus 2020–2023 has performance at its heart, allowing learners to gain recognition for their own unique skills as performers.

Build authentic skills
Help your students develop the skills that are specific to their instrument and authentic to the performer they want to be.

Explore diverse repertoire
Our strings specialists have updated and expanded the repertoire across all instruments in the syllabus, which now features more female composers and contemporary works. Pieces have been selected to develop expressive playing and technique, and include a diverse range of styles and genres.

Benefit from industry expertise
Use the syllabus, supporting books and online resources, developed with prominent string players, to explore how our exams work and see where they can take you.

  • Repertoire lists have been refreshed across all instruments, featuring a wide range of styles and showcasing more female composers and contemporary works.
  • Supporting a range of teaching approaches is at the heart of the syllabus, with pieces suitable for group and whole-class strings programmes plus works from books and pedagogies including Vamoosh, Stringsongs and Suzuki offered at early grades. Duets are now an option for Initial to Grade 3 for all bowed strings.
  • Violin repertoire books are available for Initial to Grade 8, with recordings of the pieces played by concert violinist Ofer Falk and pianist Irina Lyakhovskaya available to download or stream from Amazon Music, Google Play, iTunes and Spotify.
  • Intuitive and bespoke technical work is a hallmark of Trinity exams. With a variety of options available, each individual learner can play to their strengths and build confidence in their technique.
  • A range of books is available including Take Your Bow for mixed-strings group teaching, with selected pieces featured in the syllabus, Raise the Bar Violin, three volumes of favourite pieces from previous syllabuses, and Performance Edition: Violin, four books showcasing previously unpublished pieces by contemporary composers.

As usual, a one year overlap arrangement will be in place, during which time candidates may offer pieces and technical work requirements from either syllabus, but not a mixture of both.

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