New Acting for Screen exams offer exciting opportunities for aspiring performers

29 Sep 2023

Trinity College London is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Acting for Screen exams, designed to empower candidates to hone their skills for screen performance. With a focus on industry-aligned tasks, these exams are set to become a vital stepping stone for individuals aspiring to make their mark in the world of screen acting.

Industry-aligned assessment

Trinity's Acting for Screen exams are tailored to assess candidates on the fundamental skills that are at the heart of the rapidly growing screen-=acting industry. Whether you're a seasoned stage actor or a newcomer filled with enthusiasm, these exams are designed to reflect and enhance industry-aligned skills crucial for auditions, showreels, and self-taping.

Develop core screen acting skills

Performance tasks are at the core of these exams, helping candidates to nurture essential screen acting abilities. This includes crafting convincing performances, conveying character emotions, and mastering dialogue delivery. Additionally, candidates will build technical prowess in maintaining eyeline and adapting to various frame sizes. The "Ident and Playback Review" tasks allow candidates to present directly to the camera, an increasingly important skill in the digital age. Playback Review also helps students in refining their performances by reviewing recordings during preparation.

Personalised material for authentic performances

One of the standout features of these exams is the freedom for candidates to select material specifically written for television or film. This choice allows candidates to express their interests, culture, and playing age. Remarkably, these tasks can be filmed using a smartphone or camera with no editing required, making the process accessible to all.

Confidence and reflective learning

Trinity's Acting for Screen exams are designed to instil confidence in candidates when performing on screen. Simultaneously, they help develop crucial communication skills and the ability to reflect on the learning process, empowering candidates to continually improve.

Recognised and inclusive

Trinity offers these exams to solo candidates at three levels: Screen 1, Screen 2, and Screen 3. The exams are also recognised on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) at Levels 1, 2, and 3. The highest level, Screen 3, even earns UCAS tariff points.* The flexibility in choosing performance material ensures that the exams cater to diverse learning objectives, interests, and candidate playing ages. Additionally, these exams are digitally assessed and open to all age groups starting from 8 years and above.

Integrating wider skills

Beyond screen acting, the Acting for Screen syllabus encourages candidates to integrate a wide range of skills into their performances, fostering creativity, enhancing performance and presentation abilities, refining verbal and non-verbal communication, developing organisational skills, and promoting critical thinking and metacognition.

For aspiring screen actors, these exams are an invaluable opportunity to not only showcase their talent but also to enhance their skills and prepare for a promising career in the world of screen performance.

For more information and access to Acting for Screen resources, visit the Acting for Screen pages of the website.

*UCAS tariff points are subject to confirmation in March 2024.

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