Music Diploma Qualifications Reaccredited

8 May 2008

Trinity Guildhall is pleased to announce that its revised Music Diploma qualifications have been re-accredited by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority for a further period.

Keith Beniston, Chief Examiner (Music):

“We have been careful to retain the best aspects of our diplomas, whilst listening carefully to teachers’ and candidates’ feedback. We are ever mindful of safeguarding standards as we strive continually to enhance the range and flexibility of our diplomas to suite the needs of the day. We’re naturally delighted to receive the unqualified endorsement by QCA for our latest range of practical, theoretical and teaching diplomas.”

The latest revisions include streamlining the Music Teaching diplomas to make the differentials between ATCL and LTCL more clearly defined than before; removal of some qualifications to rationalise the range on offer and make them more accessible to candidates; and application of the two unit structure across all diplomas to simplify procedures and regulations. The Performance version of ATCL will be withdrawn from the end of 2009, as the more flexible Recital version has become by far the most popular choice of candidates.

The new diplomas will be valid from 2009 with a number of generous overlap arrangements to safeguard students already preparing, using the existing syllabuses.  Full details of the revised diplomas will be available in a new syllabus out in August 2008.

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