Hit the right key with the Trinity Rock & Pop transposition tool

6 Aug 2014

Trinity has launched a free, online tool which will make life a little easier for singers taking Rock & Pop Vocal exams.

For those who want to transpose their favourite backing track into the right key for their vocal range, the new tool offers a neat solution. Simply upload your backing track, choose the change in pitch you require and, within a few moments, a new version of your file is ready to download in your desired key. This is achieved through some digital technology which changes the pitch of a piece of music without changing its speed.

In the exam, Rock & Pop vocalists are free to present songs in any key suitable for their vocal range. This means that transposed backing tracks created using the online tool can be taken into the exam and used on the day. Please note that the examiner will not have their own transposed versions of backing tracks, so it’s important that candidates bring their transposed tracks in with them.

Vocalists can find the online tool, along with some easy-to-use instructions, on the Trinity Rock and Pop website.

Whatever your musical ambitions – whether you’re a solo vocalist, starting a band or planning a career in the music industry – Trinity Rock & Pop exams are designed to help you to develop your skills and achieve your goals. For more information please see www.trinityrock.com.

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