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25 Jul 2017

Watch Trinity’s new video about our Professional Performing Arts Diplomas and let industry professionals and graduates explain what they feel are the benefits of the qualifications to both performers and organisations.


A suite of industry-led qualifications for aspiring professional performers in full-time training on a validated course, the diplomas provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to start, and sustain, a successful career as a performer, as explained in the video:

‘The diploma gives you a massive range of transferable skills for the industry. So, you’re learning how to maintain your health and fitness; you’re really taught about the industry in great detail, from CVs to headshots to finding representation’ – Lynsey McDougall, Head of Dance, Urdang Academy

‘You leave with this box, this suitcase, full of abilities…It really keeps so many doors open for you’ – Danny Mac, Actor

‘One of the best things I’ve ever done and I’m really, really proud to have the diploma under my belt’ - Elander Moore, PPAD Graduate, Urdang Academy

Providing the diploma also brings a range of benefits to an organisation:

‘Since being validated to provide the diploma, we’ve found that it’s really sharpened our focus. So, we’ve been able to look at what we’re offering and really make sure that not only does it match what our students need, but also what the industry needs’ - Lyndsay Barnbrook, Course Director, CPA Studios

‘It’s through offering the qualification that we can access funding through the Dance and Drama Awards Scheme’ - Kate Ashcroft, Executive Director, The Oxford School of Drama

‘If you are offering the diploma you are obviously at a high level of delivery as a vocational college. It attracts a better student’ - Craig Phillips, College Director, Urdang Academy

You can find out more about Trinity’s Professional Performing Arts Diplomas here

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