DaDA and Trinity College London’s First Graduate Takes the Lead in Giselle at the English National Ballet

25 Jan 2010

The first DaDA and Trinity College London National Certificate graduate, Daniel Kraus, joined The English National Ballet (ENB) on Saturday 23 January as Albrecht in the matinee of Giselle.

Alongside Daniel was also one of Trinity’s most recent Trinity College London National Certificate graduates, Laurretta Summerscales, making her debut in the role of Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis.

Daniel first joined the ENB in 2003 and Laurretta graduated into the ENB in August 2009, after two years of training at the school. Laurretta performed this principal role the day before her 19th birthday and many of the corps de ballet were also DaDA recipients or Trinity College London National Certificate or National Diploma graduates.

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