A Melody of Success: How Viresh built a successful business with Trinity's Graded Music Exams

Viresh’s lifelong love affair with music

In a household that celebrated academia, Viresh stood out with his musical inclination. Growing up, his guitar was more than just a fad; it was his passion. Driven by the desire to measure his progress, he recalls, "That’s why I took the Trinity graded music exams. It gave me a structure to gauge my progress and improve my skills." By the time he finished high school, he had achieved grade 8 in guitar, only to study engineering later. 

As he progressed in life, Trinity offered Viresh a way to distinguish his talent amidst a sea of guitarists. "The Trinity certificate proved my skill level – a qualification that could back me up," he asserts. The structured exams not only instilled discipline in Viresh, but also broadened his horizons.

How music went from a part-time hobby to a full-fledged career

Viresh's musical journey took an unexpected turn during his engineering studies. Armed with his Trinity certificate, he understood its value and with it, he was able to teach the Trinity syllabus. Before he knew it, his weekend hobby of teaching guitar to one friend turned into a venture for 120 students that helped him repay his student loan.

Viresh’s love for music made other jobs pale in comparison. Although he completed his engineering degree and got hired as an engineer, as he puts it, he “lasted about 16 days” in the role. 

Later, he landed a job at a media company with an excellent salary and an enviable job title. He recalls that although the job had nothing to do with music, he secured it because of his Trinity background.

The interviewer was the parent of a Trinity student, and he and the interviewer bonded over Trinity exams and music. He didn’t end up having to really answer any questions pertaining to the actual role he was interviewing for!

During this time, music only got a portion of his attention. Although he stayed committed to his media job, a focused career in music continued to beckon. Eventually, Viresh took up a career in music full-time. Today, SoundMonk Retail and SoundMonk School of Music are thriving entities.

Building a formidable music business with a Trinity affiliation

After embracing music as a full-time career, Viresh reached out to Trinity, becoming a Registered Exam Centre (REC). This association allowed his students to take exams in familiar surroundings.

This makes a difference, especially to singers, drummers, and pianists, for whom transporting their instruments (that they have practiced on and are comfortable with) to a new exam centre isn’t always feasible. Moreover, SoundMonk's affiliation with Trinity further solidified its reputation among parents and students.

Viresh feels it was a good call to sign up his students for Trinity exams because SoundMonk benefitted from Trinity's administrative efficiency that made making enrollments effortless, an important consideration for a growing business with a large number of students. 

Viresh is also a fan of Trinity’s impeccable balance in its curriculum. He says, “Music should be challenging but fun. With Trinity, everyone feels like the curriculum is meant for them.” 

His belief in the Trinity system is evidenced by SoundMonk only hiring Trinity Grade 8 graduates as music teachers. He explains the logic behind this:

“A teacher who has been through the Syllabus understands the concepts behind the lessons. He or she knows why you are learning something, how it helps, where it leads, and how it links to other concepts.”

He also feels the certification lends the candidate a level of credibility in terms of their ability to play so he only needs to verify their teaching abilities before bringing them on board. 

The Trinity brand radiates prestige, equipping students with valuable UCAS points and assisting in admissions and scholarships. It stands as a testament to a musician's skill and dedication.

The grading system, Viresh opines, propels the entire music ecosystem forward, stressing that “in addition to gaining credits, students understand music concepts thoroughly, putting them through a vigorous process, and evolving their personal development.”

An inspiring story with a happily ever after

Viresh's journey is paved with perseverance and passion that he could channel into a successful, sustainable business thanks to the structure and credibility that the Trinity name has lent to his efforts.

For aspiring musicians and educators, his tale offers not just inspiration but a blueprint for success. Today, there are several branches of SoundMonk school along with various retail outlets across Mumbai.

“The Trinity certificate proved my skill level – a qualification that could back me up”

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