Welcome to Trinity College London in Egypt.

Trinity College London is an international exam board that has been providing assessments since 1877. We provide recognised and respected qualifications in a unique spectrum of communicative skills — from music, drama and arts activities to English language — at all levels. Each year over 850,000 candidates in over 60 countries take a Trinity assessment and our international network is growing fast.

Exams offered in Egypt

  • Music 
  • Theory of Music
  • Rock & Pop

Candidate enrolment

For more information or to enrol for exams, please contact the Trinity local representative in your area.

Exam dates

Exams are offered in the following months:

  • Music: Nov/Dec (closing date 23 Sept 2019)
  • Theory of Music: 02 Nov 2019 (closing date 23 Sept 2019)
  • Rock & Pop: Nov/Dec (closing date 01 Oct 2019)

If a candidate is absent due to illness or family emergency, the candidate can be offered a re-entry voucher for 50% of the fee paid which is valid for one year. Appropriate documentation must be submitted to the Trinity office within a week of the missed exam.

Exam fees

Become a Registered Centre  

Please see Become a Registered Exam Centre with Trinity.


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