If you are not happy with the outcome of a results review or re-mark, you can appeal within 14 days of receiving the result. Please see the enquiries about results page for more details.

If you wish to appeal, please read our terms and conditions and email, stating the reasons why you disagree with the results of the review/re-mark. Always remember to include the relevant candidate number in your message.


An external arbiter will be appointed to form an independent view of the appeal. External arbiters are not currently or recently employed by Trinity. The arbiter will refer to all available documentation, including recordings, if available. The arbiter will provide their report to Trinity, and we will then send you our full response in writing.

Fee information

  • The fee for an appeal is 100% of the qualification fee, up to a maximum of £134 sterling equivalent at the current exchange rate.
  • Where an appeal is for multiple qualifications, the maximum fee is £536 sterling equivalent at the current exchange rate.
  • For groups - ie one qualification involving several candidates (eg an ensemble music exam) - the fee is the same as for an individual qualification.
  • The fee is payable in the same currency as the qualification fee was paid.
  • Where an appeal is upheld, all related fees will be refunded.


We will aim to respond to your appeal within 30 working days. If we need to take longer, for example it is a complicated appeal, we will send you an interim response as soon as practicable and let you know when we will send you our full response.


Following an appeal, the marks given may be adjusted up or down, or they may stay the same. If the marks change such that a higher pass band is awarded, a new certificate will be produced and all related fees will be refunded.


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