Unique Learner Numbers and Personal Learning Records

What is a Unique Learner Number?

A Unique Learner Number (ULN) is a 10-digit reference number that is allocated by the Learning Record Service to all learners in the UK who are over the age of 14 and in education and training. This number stays the same throughout the learner’s education and training.

What is the Personal Learning Record?

The Personal Learning Record (PLR) is a compilation of a learner’s current and past achievement records such as awards, certificates and qualifications which they have gained from UK awarding bodies (such as Trinity College London). The PLR is maintained by the UK Learner Records Service (LRS), a function of the UK Skills Funding Agency.

What is the connection between ULN and PLR?

Learners use their unique ULN to access their Personal Learning Record, where they can see and confirm the details that are held about them. The ULN ensures that the information held on the PLR is secure and cannot be shared with other organisations (including statutory bodies), without prior consent of the learner. Each learner will retain the same ULN for accessing their PLR throughout their lives, whatever their level of learning and wherever they choose to undertake their education, training and learning.

Why is it important to provide each learner’s ULN when enrolling for Trinity exams?

Awarding bodies are responsible for submitting achievements to Learner Records Service for inclusion on learners’ PLRs. The awarding bodies are also responsible for validating received ULNs with LRS, and reporting discrepancies back to the centre/learning provider for correction. However, awarding bodies can only upload achievements if a centre provides the learner’s ULN when registering for an exam.

Where can a learner obtain a ULN?

All learners aged 14+ should already have been issued with a ULN via their learning or training provider. If they don’t know their ULN, they should contact LRS directly.

Where can a learner obtain a PLR?

Learners should visit the National Careers Service and create a Lifelong Learning Account. This will then trigger the PLR and provide learners with their history of achievements.

Acronyms at a glance

  • ULN: Unique Learner Number
  • PLR: Personal Learning Record
  • LRS: Learner Records Service


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