Whole Production Assessment

The ‘In Production’ examinations have been developed so that schools, studios, dramatic societies and theatre clubs may present the whole, or part, of a full production for assessment. 

The production should be intended for (or already have had) a public performance in front of an audience and include production elements such as lighting, set, costume, sound, make-up, props and so on.  Under this option  the creative, stage management and technical teams can be entered for assessment as well as the performers so that every student’s achievements on and off the stage will be recognised and rewarded.

The full criteria for assessment in each of the areas are available here:

Plays in Production

Musical Theatre / Performance Arts in Production

The whole group should be entered for the same grade.  As a general guide a Foundation level (grades 1-3) performance might be a Nativity play, an Intermediate level performance (grades 4-5) might be a school musical and Advanced level performance (6-8) might be a 6th Form play.   For more information please see Age and Grade Guidance

The fee structure for these exams is the same as the group fee. 



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