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Why CertTESOL?

If you are thinking of becoming a teacher of English to speakers of other languages, and are looking for a course leading to a qualification that will help you get a job with a good employer, please read the 'Guide to choosing your 1st TESOL or TEFL course.'

You will see many training courses advertised for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) or Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Therefore when you are choosing a course which aims to prepare and qualify you for your first English teaching job, it is in your interest to choose a course which will offer you a high standard of training and a recognised certification.

English Language Teaching (ELT) is a profession like other areas of teaching; where a good training course is an essential starting point for maintaining high professional standards for high quality student learning.

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If you are thinking of getting a TEFL / TESOL qualification, there are several things to bear in mind as you decide which qualification would be best for you:

Where is the TEFL qualification recognised?
If you are going to spend time and money getting a TEFL qualification, one of the most important things to consider is the worldwide recognition of that qualification. Make sure that you get a qualification that is recognised and accepted by a majority of the English language schools around the world – otherwise, you may find it difficult to get a good teaching job in the country of your choice.

The CertTESOL is accepted and recognised by most English language schools in most countries around the world. It also gives you a good basis to train to teach English in the Lifelong Learning Sector in the UK (further and adult education and other programmes funded through the government).

Is the TEFL qualification accepted by the British Council?
The British Council is an international organisation that works to build learning opportunities and lasting cultural relationships between the UK and countries around the world. The British Council runs accredited English language schools in over 100 countries, employing English language teachers in a respectable working environment with good pay.

The CertTESOL is one of only two TEFL qualifications that is listed by the British Council as an acceptable introductory teaching qualification that meets their standards and requirements.

In partnership with English UK, the British Council also runs a scheme in the UK to accredit English language teaching programmes in independent schools as well as state colleges and universities. The Trinity CertTESOL is also among the qualifications accepted for teachers of English working in these accredited organisations.

Why is it important that the British Council accept your TEFL qualification?
By obtaining a TEFL/TESOL certificate that is accepted by the British Council, you will be able to apply to all of the British Council language schools. Hence, a British Council recognised qualification will lead to greater job opportunities in well established schools with good reputations abroad.

The British Council only recruits teachers that meet their requirements. 

Is the TEFL qualification regulated by Ofqual, the UK Government department that regulates examinations or another country’s regulatory body?
Ofqual is the regulatory body for examinations and qualifications in England. Regulation by Ofqual means that the qualification is assigned a level in the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and that it is a formally recognised qualification in the UK. The stringent conditions attached with Ofqual regulation ensure that such qualifications follow comprehensive quality assurance measures.

The CertTESOL is listed as a regulated qualification in the UK at Level 5 on the Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Framework.

What content should be covered in an introductory TEFL course? 

A good course should equip you with the basic skills and knowledge needed to take up your first post as an ESOL teacher.

A good course should include:

  • teaching practice - with real learners of English, including evaluation and feedback - with the CertTESOL you get 6 hours observed teaching practice, followed by feedback with a qualified trainer
  • observation of ESOL teaching by experienced teachers - with the CertTESOL you get 4 hours of observation
  • lesson plan practice - with self-and tutor-evaluation and feedback
  • spoken and written language practice - study of grammar and phonology and how to build them into your teaching
  • needs analysis for learner – including preparation of a simple linguistic profile of an individual learner
  • experience of learning an unknown language - to help you to reflect on the beginner English language learner’s point of view

These skills and practice projects are essential in ESOL teachers and you will be able to talk about your training on your CV and in job interviews when start applying to English language schools.

Further information

Find a CertTESOL course near you - for more information about the course, including fees and dates, you should contact the course provider directly.

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Study Skills for CertTESOL - provides an introduction to the skills needed to complete the CertTESOL and is meant for those with little or no ESOL teaching experience, who are thinking of - or planning to - train.

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