The Symphony of Jahnavi 's Daughter with Trinity College London


Jahnavi always harboured a love for the piano. While she began her own journey with the instrument in her twenties, it was cut short due to a move to Africa. However, her keyboard became the bridge for her young daughter, Janya’s introduction to the world of music. Upon returning to India, Jahnavi, inspired by her own brief experience with Trinity's graded music exams, enrolled a still young Janya, with the same teacher who introduced her to Trinity College London.

Janya's Musical Journey Under the Trinity syllabus

Janya’s musical interest and talent flourished as she dived into the Trinity syllabus wholeheartedly. The diverse range of classical pieces and comprehensive musical knowledge kept her ardently engaged. With guidance from Anjali Mata, Trinity's North India Coordinator, she soared through her grades, completing up to Grade 6 in Piano. 

Additionally, the Trinity certifications became a valuable asset, enhancing Janya’s university application to enable her to move to Scotland to continue her education. Now in Scotland for higher studies in psychology and economics, her musical flame continues to burn bright, evident in her active participation in her college's music society.

Music nourished Janya’s personality 

"Janya is reserved and inherently introverted but playing piano has transformed her,” Jahnavi says. The appreciation and praise received after school performances and the amazed reactions she has received when she has played for guests have had a profound impact on her and developed her sense of self-worth.

That’s probably why, today, even miles away in Scotland, she remains connected to her musical roots, practising on her dorm's grand piano and exploring online avenues to pursue further Trinity music grades.

Her desire to continue her musical aspirations, especially within the Trinity syllabus, is primarily driven by her deep connection with the piano.

“Playing the piano has been an integral and irreplaceable part of her life. This profound attachment to the instrument serves as the motivating force behind her ongoing dedication.”

As for her choice of the Trinity curriculum, Janhavi explains that “it aligns with her preferences because of its comprehensive approach, wide array of musical genres and emphasis on technical proficiency which enhance her musical skills and technique.”

Janhavi’s most cherished musical memory of Janya

Like almost any parent, Janhavi feels great pride in Janya, and there are hallmark memories that she treasures. For Jahnavi, one of these memories took place at Waverley train station in Edinburgh.

“There happened to be a grand piano at the station, and Janya played the progression piece she studied for her Trinity exam. It was so beautiful. Passers-by stopped to watch, listen and appreciate her. Words cannot describe the pride I felt at that moment.”

Trinity’s Role in Janya’s all-round success 

Jahnavi fondly reminisces about her daughter's affinity for Trinity's varied pieces, from the lively "Red Square March" in Grade 1 to the rhythmic "Laendler" in Grade 2. The syllabus's eclectic mix, including tangos and waltzes, ensured monotony never set in.

"Trinity offers a comprehensive learning experience, ensuring consistent growth at every grade," Jahnavi asserts. She also credits music, especially the Trinity syllabus, for her daughter's stellar academic performance, including a 97% in her board exams.

"I feel like music has helped her in focussing on her studies, rejuvenating her mind and maintaining her mental health – of course, her own hard work and passion have also contributed to her success.”

In Janya’s tale, Trinity emerges as more than just a syllabus. It's a transformative journey, showing how music moulds young minds musically, academically, and personally. Janya’s experience stands as a testament to the profound influence of a well-rounded musical education.

“I feel like music has helped her in focussing on her studies, rejuvenating her mind and maintaining her mental health – of course, her own hard work and passion have also contributed to her success.”

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