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Guitar - Classical & Plectrum

Our Guitar syllabus offers the choice and flexibility to allow candidates to play to their strengths, enabling them to gain recognition for their own unique skills as performers.

The new 2020-2023 Guitar syllabus will be launched in November/December 2019. There will be a one-year overlap (1 January – 31 December 2020) during which candidates can select pieces and technical work from either the old syllabus or the new syllabus, but not both.


Guitar syllabus

The Guitar - Classical & Plectrum syllabus is valid from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2019. The syllabus contains full details of our grade exams for classical and plectrum guitar.

This latest Guitar syllabus includes brand new repertoire lists for classical guitar, including newly commissioned pieces and duets, encompassing a wide range of styles and genres. Refreshed technical work covers important skills and techniques.


You should read the syllabus requirements carefully before your exam. If you do not meet all the relevant requirements, the examiner may refer your exam result to Trinity’s London office for review and marks may be deducted.

Please see Information and Regulations and Syllabus infringements for more information.


Supporting publications

A new range of publications to support our new Guitar syllabus are also available to order now from your local music retailer and our online shop. 

  • A new set of repertoire books for classical guitar (Initial to Grade 8). Each book features 10 pieces, with three additional duets included in the books for Initial to Grade 3. High quality exemplar recordings are available on CD from our online shop, and can also be purchased individually from iTunes, the Google Play store and Amazon Music. Sample audio clips of the pieces in the new repertoire books can be listened to on our online shop
  • New technical work books are available now and include new technical exercises, scales and arpeggios, studies and concerto extracts. Two books are available - one for Initial to Grade 5 and one for Grades 6-8.
  • A brand new set of plectrum guitar repertoire books are also available for the very first time, and can be ordered now from music retailers and our online shop. Three books are available (Initial-Grade 2, Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-8) and each book contains six pieces per grade.

Sound at Sight books with sight reading pieces are also available for classical guitar. You can download free sight reading samples for plectrum guitar.

Syllabus support

A range of support resources are available on our Music Resources site.

Further information

Full details of entry procedures and exam regulations can be found in our Information & Regulations booklet

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