Alternative supporting tests - for candidates with sensory loss

Memory test to replace sight reading (for candidates with sight loss who cannot access the standard sight reading tests)

This is an alternative test for blind or visually impaired candidates who are not Braille readers. The examiner will play a short extract on the piano (or Drum Kit if for a Drum Kit exam – N.B. this can only be delivered by a specialist examiner) and the candidate must repeat it back on their instrument after the third playing.

Aural awareness test (for candidates with hearing loss who cannot access the standard aural tests)

This test will be provided in place of the standard aural test for candidates with hearing loss. The examiner will tap the rhythm of a short melody twice on a table top, allowing the candidate to both watch and feel the vibrations by placing his/her hand on the table. The candidate will then clap or tap back the rhythm.

Then the examiner will show the candidate a printed copy of the same melody, which the candidate will study for 30 seconds and then play back from memory on his⁄ her instrument. The final test is to identify whether the melody was in a major or minor key.


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