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Speech Communication Arts (SCA)

The Speech Communication Arts exams are designed to encourage the development of spoken and written English for learners aged between 5 and 14 years of age. This is accomplished through the performance of a range of texts, sharing ideas, exchanging views and negotiating; working towards, at the top level, the preparation and delivery of a presentation.

The exams provide teachers with a structure that builds students’ confidence and systematically develops the skills they need for achievement in their social and professional lives, while simultaneously developing their imagination and expressive abilities.

The skills developed through preparing for these assessments are:

  • Interpersonal skills – relating to others appropriately with ease, confidence and awareness
  • Expressive speaking - interpreting a range of texts and communicating them imaginatively in performance
  • Practical speaking – sharing information imaginatively with an audience
  • Reflective skills – exploring, recording and reflecting upon the context of practical work in written English

The exams offer candidates and teachers freedom of choice on performance items.


Frequently asked questions

What levels is SCA available at? Levels 1-6
How is it assessed? Students are assessed in groups of four to six students 
What do candidates receive? Learners receive individual feedback and a mark. On passing they also receive a certificate.


Age guidelines

SCA 1 and 2 Ages 5-8 Please note that these
are guidelines only.
SCA 3 and 4 Ages 8-11
SCA 5 and 6 Ages 11-14


Download syllabus


Availability of SCA exams

Currently, SCA exams are available in the countries listed below. 

If you would like to enter candidates for these exams, or are not sure about the availability of these exams in your area, please contact your local Trinity representative via the relevant link below.


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