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Trinity results verification

Verifying a Trinity English language qualification is simple and secure. Institutions can use this service to check that a candidate’s results are as claimed or that a certificate is genuine.


Online Trinity Results Verification (TRV) service - for institutions

Higher education institutions can apply to have access to our online Trinity Results Verification (TRV) service.

To register, institutions (not candidates) should visit trinitycollege.com/TRV, for further guidance.


Email results verification service - for institutions

Alternatively, to use our email service, institutions should email us at verification@trinitycollege.com from their official organisational email address.

Please include:

  • The name of the candidate
  • The name of the qualification (for example ISE II, or GESE Grade 8)
  • The long numbers at the bottom of the certificate (eg 1-478958666: 1-475667541)

You need to have the candidate's consent to contact us with their details.


We aim to respond to requests within one business day.


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