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Trinity exams have been available in Albania since June 2009 when we introduced Graded Exams in Spoken Language (GESE). Now, in addition, we also offer Integrated Skills in English (ISE) and Trinity Stars.

There are four exam centres available so far, in Tirana and in Fieri, which work closely with Trinity:

  • London Language Institute
  • Flatrat E Dijes School, Fieri
  • Protagonistet School
  • Albanet School

Feedback from students has been positive, and we plan to increase our centres in recognition of the popularity of these exams.


Exam fees


Further information



  • GESE Grade 2 is recognized by the British Embassy
  • We are under negotiations with the Ministry of Education in order to allow Trinity ISE to be recognised in the list of foreign exams approved by the Ministry of Education.





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