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Anthology Online

Welcome to Anthology Online – a unique resource for all drama teachers and students. Designed to offer examples of suitable pieces for the Trinity College London Drama & Speech grade exams, Anthology Online is available freely to all drama teachers and students as a general source of material.

  • A range of categories: stories, poetry, drama and prose
  • Foundation to advanced level works
  • Traditional and modern pieces
  • An international authorship
  • Free to access and download


How to access Anthology Online

Anthology Online is free to access - just click on the link below. 

Enter Anthology Online


How to use Anthology Online

Material on Anthology Online is categorised by level and genre. The levels are:

  • Foundation: grades 1 - 3
  • Intermediate: grades 4 - 5
  • Advanced: grades 6 - 8

The genres include Stories, Poetry, Drama and Prose.

You can search by these categories to find appropriate material, or alternatively there is the option to search for pieces by author/theme using the general search facility.

You are encouraged to read the introduction to each of the levels to get the best use out of the Anthology. The introductions can be downloaded from the ‘Related resources’ on the right hand side of this page.


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