Adele Heather Taylor

Adele Heather Taylor attributes her success to the training she received on her Trinity Musical Theatre course.

Adele Heather Taylor is an actress, screenwriter and dancer known for television and film roles in The Blacklist, Hail Caesar! and Hawaii Five-O. Originally from Leicestershire, Adele now lives in Los Angeles where she is successfully pursuing her childhood dream of acting professionally.

“Being on stage gave me a singular focus; nothing else mattered.”

Dancing before she could walk

Adele cannot remember a time when she wasn’t dancing. As a small child she started dance classes, and her natural ability and passion for dance was nurtured by her teacher who spotted her potential. Adele recalls being an anxious child and found dancing helped channel her emotions, providing a wonderful escape from reality. She thrived in competitions and showcases, enjoying the discipline and resilient mindset dance instilled. 

Growing up with a passion for musicals, musical theatre was an obvious route for Adele who loved the vibrant world of acting, singing and dance – but it wasn’t until her teenage years that Adele started to develop a particular interest in acting. She remembers developing a love for film and spending weekends at the cinema watching everything that she possibly could. It was at this young age that she realised she wanted to pursue acting professionally.

“One of the biggest things you need in this business is confidence.”

A scholarship to drama school

At just 16, Adele received a talent scholarship to study the Trinity Level 6 Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre at Leicester College of Performing Arts (LCPA). Without the financial support from the scholarship, Adele admits she would not have been able to accept the offer. 

She lived at home during her three years at LCPA, giving the course everything she had while gaining athletic stamina and learning a wide variety of dance, acting and singing styles. The course taught her how to take care of her body, how to recover properly, and the importance of mindset and endurance. 

During her third year, Adele was talent spotted at a dance show called ‘Move It’ in London, and was instantly signed with an agent, joining a touring dance company where she travelled the world before moving to America to study acting.

“Just keep pushing for the next big thing that excites you. Be inquisitive.”

Never stop growing and exploring

Adele attributes her success to the Trinity Musical Theatre course at LCPA. The course nurtured her love for acting and taught her the importance of versatility and giving everything your best shot. 

Her advice to those wishing to pursue a career in the creative arts is to never give up and to always try different routes if the first is unsuccessful. ‘Life leads you down unexpected pathways and one thing always leads to another. Never be ‘done’ is her advice to those wishing to pursue a career in performance. Her resilience, dedication and positive mindset serve as an inspiration that no matter where you are from, with hard work, focus and determination, you can achieve anything.


‘‘I never had a Plan B. I was going to make it happen, no matter what. The training was undoubtedly why I’ve had the career I’ve had.’’

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