UCAS points (Drama & Speech)

Trinity College London’s Level 3 qualifications (Grades 6-8) in Solo and Pair Speech and Drama, Acting, Musical Theatre, Communication Skills, Performance Arts and Acting for Screen (Screen 3) are included in the UK Universities and Colleges Admissions (UCAS) tariff, and attract the following UCAS points for university and higher education entry:

New Tariff points

Grade 8/Screen 3

Grade 7

Grade 6













Please see ucas.com for further information on the Tariff.

Please note

Your exam needs to have taken place by the second Friday in June in order to allow time for your results to be sent to UCAS. This means:

  • If you are taking a face to face exam, including an online exam taken by video conference, your exam date must be no later than the second Friday in June
  • If you are taking a music or drama Digital Grades & Diplomas exam you must have uploaded your files for assessment 3 weeks in advance of this deadline (ie mid to late May) to allow time for the examiner to mark your exam

If you have taken an assessment that attracts UCAS points we will automatically let UCAS know and there is no need to request this.


Please note that the above timeframes do not include time for a referred exam to be dealt with.  Whilst we will always do our best to quickly resolve referrals where UCAS points are needed, this is not always possible and you should take care to avoid your exam being referred.


Additional information

If you wish to use an ATCL to support your application for Higher or Further Education the following document may be useful: ATCL HE and FE Guidance.

This table explains how our qualifications fit into the Qualifications and Credit Framework.  



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