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Music online booking FAQs


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Music online booking - book here

Preparing for an exam

Which music exam is right for me?

Trinity offers a wide range of grade, certificate and diploma exams across a variety of musical genres. Please refer to the Trinity website for full details of all our music exams.

How do I prepare for an exam?

Requirements for the exam can be found in the relevant music syllabus, available to download free of charge from the Trinity website. Trinity publishes a range of supporting publications and other resources; again please refer to our website for full details.

Are there any prerequisites required before entering for an exam?

No theory qualifications or other prerequisites are required to enter grade or certificate exams at any level. Please refer to the relevant music syllabus for details of prerequisites applying to diploma exams.

Are there any age requirements for entering Trinity’s music exams?

There are no age requirements for grades, certificates or performance diplomas. Please refer to the relevant music syllabus for age requirements for teaching diplomas.

Where can I take a Trinity Music exam?

Exams can be taken at one of Trinity’s public centres. In England, Scotland and Wales, schools and private teachers with sufficient candidates may apply to become a Registered Exam Centre and enter under the Examiner Visit Scheme.

Online booking is currently available specifically for the following UK centres. To expand the map view please click here.




Booking an exam

Who can make an exam entry?

Exam entries can be submitted by a teacher, parent or guardian, or by candidates themselves if they are aged 18 or over.

How do I book an exam?

You can book one or more music exams through Trinity's music exam booking service, currently being piloted at approximately 40 centres across the UK (as listed above). For more information please see trinitycollege.com/musicbooking.

For other UK and Ireland centres please see Music centres in the UK and Ireland.

Can I enter for more than one exam in the same session?

Candidates may enter for more than one practical exam in the same or different subjects at the same session, but no more than one entry will be accepted per candidate per session in the same grade and subject.

Can I enter a candidate with special needs?

Trinity is committed to creating an inclusive environment where candidates with special needs are able to demonstrate their skills and feel welcomed. We aim to make our exams accessible to all. We treat each learner individually when considering how we can achieve this aim, recognising that requirements vary.

Candidates with special needs requirements can enter online during the pilot, but will need to complete and send a special needs provision form by post.

How will I receive information about my exam booking?

You will receive a booking acknowledgement email, followed by a more detailed booking confirmation. These emails will arrive from musicbooking@trinitycollege.com - please remember to check your junk or spam email folders if you cannot see these.

If you do not receive these messages within 6 and 24 hours please contact us on 020 7820 6166.

What if I enter the wrong details?

If you entered incorrect details, please contact our Customer Service team on 020 7820 6166 as soon as possible.

What if my personal details change?

If your personal details change after booking the exam, please contact our Customer Service team on 020 7820 6166 as soon as possible.

What if I need to postpone or cancel my exam?

If candidates wish to postpone or cancel their exam, the original fee will not be refunded. There are special arrangements in case of genuine compassionate circumstances. Trinity will not offer re-entry permits for non-medical reasons, though sympathy will be shown to genuine cases in which appropriate evidence is provided.

Can I transfer an entry to a different centre?

Entries at one centre may be transferred to a different centre for a fee; however, they cannot be transferred to a later exam session. Please contact us on 020 7820 6166 if you wish to transfer to a different centre.

Can I transfer an entry to a different candidate?

Exam entries cannot be transferred from the name of one candidate to another.


How much does a Trinity Music exam cost?

Details of current exam fees in the UK and Republic of Ireland are available on our website.

How do I pay?

Trinity accepts credit or debit card payments made via the music booking website

Taking the exam

How long does an exam take?

Please check the relevant music syllabus on the Trinity website.

What if I cannot attend the exam?

If you can't attend the exam, please contact our Customer Service team immediately on 020 7820 6166. If you can’t attend the exam due to illness, the person who submitted the entry may apply to Trinity for a re-entry permit by providing a medical certificate current for the date of the exam and the appointment form originally issued.

Full details can be found in the Information and Regulations booklet.

What if I'm delayed or late for the exam?

If you are delayed or going to be late, please inform your Trinity representative straight away. The steward at the exam centre will decide if you can take the exam or not.

After the exam 

When will I receive the result of my exam?

  • Report forms for grade and certificate exams are normally issued within a week of completion of a centre’s exam session.
  • Diploma report forms are normally issued six to eight weeks after the exam date.

When will I get my certificate?

Certificates are issued six to eight weeks after the end of the exam session.

What if I lose my certificate?

Please complete and return the Certificate Replacement and Amendment Form – available here.

What if I think the exam result is wrong?

If you wish to make a formal enquiry about the result of an exam please refer to Enquiries about results for full details of our results review and appeals process. Or you can write to the following office:

Enquiries about results
Trinity College London
Blue Fin Building
110 Southwark Street



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