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ISE exam dates and administration

You need to be registered to hold Trinity exams - find out more about becoming a registered centre. For information about ISE exam fees and for general and administrative support, please contact your local Trinity representative.

Our ISE Centre Best Practice Guidebook provides all the information necessary to run ISE exam modules. As this information is periodically updated, please check this webpage regularly to ensure you are referring to the most current version.


Exam dates - 2017

ISE Reading & Writing exam sessions are on fixed dates throughout the year:

Saturday 1 Jul 2017

ISE Foundation, ISE I, ISE II and ISE III

Wednesday 19 Jul 2017*
ISE Foundation, ISE I, ISE II and ISE III

Wednesday 26 Jul 2017
ISE Foundation, ISE I, ISE II and ISE III

Friday 18 August 2017*
ISE Foundation, ISE I, ISE II and ISE III

Saturday 2 Sep 2017
ISE Foundation, ISE I, ISE II and ISE III

Wednesday 4 Oct 2017
ISE Foundation, ISE I, ISE II and ISE III

Wednesday 8 Nov 2017
ISE Foundation, ISE I, ISE II, ISE III and ISE IV

Wednesday 13 Dec 2017
ISE Foundation, ISE I, ISE II and ISE III

*Check local availability with your Trinity representative.


Guidance documentation

The ISE Centre Best Practice Guidebook is for everyone involved in the delivery of Trinity ISE exams, including:

• Centre Representatives
• Exam co-ordinators and administrators
• Exam supervisors, invigilators and stewards
• Teachers.

This guidebook provides all the information needed to administer and run ISE exam modules. The information and links below are for quick reference only.

Entering candidates for exams

To arrange Reading & Writing or Speaking & Listening exam sessions, please liaise with your local Trinity representative. There are fixed dates for Reading & Writing exams - these are listed above.

All Trinity exams have closing dates. These are the dates by which all entries and payments must be made. Exam entry closing dates are available from your local representative. Please note that entry deadlines apply and there are surcharges for late entries, so please ensure you are aware of closing dates.

If you have candidates with a particular requirement, you need to submit your request for special provision by email at least 28 days before your exam. 

Candidate ID numbers

When entering a candidate for ISE exam modules separately at different times, you MUST use the same candidate ID number that was used for the first (or failed) exam. For for example when:

i.  entering for a single module, having already entered for a module previously
ii. re-entering for a module that the candidate has failed.

Running an exam session

Before each exam, centres should ensure that all candidates are aware of the relevant Candidate Identity (ID) Policy.

Before each exam, centres should ensure that all candidates read the 'Notice to Candidates for Reading & Writing' or the 'Notice to Candidates for Speaking & Listening' as appropriate.

Trinity registered exam centres you should ensure that all staff involved in the preparation and conduct of ISE exams are completely familiar with Trinity policies and procedures. See below for further information.

Policies and procedures

All registered exam centres need to comply with Trinity's policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are outlined in:

Quick reference documents

Exam centre representatives, supervisors and invigilators will find the following quick reference sections from the ISE Centre Best Practice Guidebook useful:



ISE is also available as a Secure English Language Test (SELT) for UK visa purposes. For SELT information and resources, please visit our SELT pages.



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