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Choral Speaking *

There was a time when Choral Speaking was part of every primary school child's experience, though the quality of performance varied enormously depending on the skills and enthusiasm of the teacher. Interest declined because of monotonous sing-song repetition of ill-understood words too often being the mode of performance.

Choral Speaking of verse and prose should be a vibrant, exciting, and valid part of any training in drama. The experience of working with text, orchestrating perormance with the human voice as instrument, using solo and massed voices of different colour and quality, creating vocal sound-effects with dynamic effect, is one that no audience or participant will forget. It is a fine option for classroom teachers of drama who want to work with a variety of non-dramatic texts and bring them to performance standard. Groups of students can be challenged to devise their own interpretation and staging of text.

Examiners from Trinity College London have been privileged to witness dynamic, innovative Choral Speaking performances all over the world.

The Choral Speaking syllabus offers opportunities for groups from Grade 1 to Grade 8 to demonstrate their skills in co-operative performance, with a contrast of selections required from Grade 1. At Grades 7 and 8, a performance programme  is required. The Performance Programme is a challenging option which some advanced school, college, and adult drama groups will enjoy.

All participants in a successful group will receive a certificate. Examination may take place in the context of a public occasion with audience.


* Withdrawal of Choral Speaking grades

Following a syllabus review and in preparation for the publication of a revised Acting and Speaking syllabus, the Choral Speaking graded exams will be withdrawn. 

The withdrawal dates are as follows:  

  • 17th April 2017 - all entries must be received by Trinity and entered onto the examinations database by this date. 
  • 30th April 2017 – this is the last date on which candidates for the Choral Speaking and Shakespeare graded exams can be examined. 
  • Certificates will continue to be issued for these qualifications until 31 December 2017

Guidance on suitable alternatives can be found as follows:

Choral Speaking

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