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Acting and Speaking


Click to download the Acting and Speaking * Grade & Certificate syllabus  

Examinations in Acting and Speaking are available in nine different disciplines.

Solo candidates can choose between the following syllabus options:

  • Speech and Drama
  • Individual Acting Skills
  • Shakespeare
  • Performing Text

Candidates may also enter in pairs for the following subjects: 

  • Acting in Pairs  
  • Shakespeare

Each participant in pairs examinations is assessed individually and if successful will receive the appropriate certificate.

Groups of candidates (three or more) may enter the following subjects:

  • Group Drama:  Devised (Grades Initial–8)
  • Group Drama: Scripts (Grades 3–8)
  • Choral Speaking syllabus (groups of four or more, Grades 1–8)

Please click here for guidance notes on the Acting & Speaking Syllabus.

Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the Acting and Speaking Syllabus

Performance Certificates at Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced levels may be taken by Acting and Speaking candidates (see under Performance Certificates).

Teachers wishing to enter groups of very young children or pre-schoolers should consult the Performance Certificates page.


* Withdrawal of Choral Speaking and Shakespeare grades

Following a syllabus review and in preparation for the publication of a revised Acting and Speaking syllabus, the Shakespeare (solos, pairs and groups) and the Choral Speaking graded exams have been withdrawn. 

Certificates will continue to be issued for these qualifications until 31 December 2017

Guidance on suitable alternatives can be found as follows:

Shakespeare (solo)

Shakespeare (pair)

Shakespeare (group)

Choral Speaking


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