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Young Performers Certificates


Trinity College London Young Performers Certificates are designed to develop confidence, group interaction skills and a sense of achievement in children up to the age of seven.

They encourage young children to develop performance, musical and communication skills as they create and explore stories, songs, roles and situations through the imaginative and integrated use of movement, music, voice and artwork.

Groups of six to twelve children may enter for these awards presenting their work to a Trinity examiner at their school or teaching centre.

The Young Performers Certificates are awards, not examinations.  The intention is to promote good classroom practice through co-operation and creativity, developing an appropriate child centred introduction to performance.

To encourage participation and provide a sense of progression the Certificates are avaialble at three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold.

An illustrated colour booklet giving full details of performance requirements at each level can be downloaded here.

Please click here for Frequently Asked Questons about the Young Performers Certificates syllabus 


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