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Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance

What is the Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance?

The word ‘professional’ is key in the naming of this qualification as it was developed specifically to recognise the high level of skill and talent that emerges from some of the most prestigious of England’s professional dance and performing arts training institutions. The uniqueness of the qualification stems from the way it was developed following advice from members of the theatrical profession and the participating professional training schools.

What will I study?

The course aims to develop the artistic, creative, technical and professional skills that a dancer needs in order to fully prepare for a varied and high-level career in the Dance. Your course will include a minimum of three dance disciplines and /or choreography plus supporting professional studies that aim to enable you to sustain a long-term career. You will have opportunities to perform and most colleges bring in a range of working professionals, dancers and choreographers for you to work with. Each validated course is different and will provide the Diploma within its own curriculum.

Where can I study for this Qualification?

What do I need to do to get the qualification?

You need to have successfully auditioned at a school for a course that has been validated to provide the Diploma by Trinity College London. The school will then register their most promising students for the Diploma. Your responsibility is to work hard to attain a high level of competence on the course you attend.

Does the qualification have any standing?

The Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance is recognised Ofqual. It is placed at level six on the Qualifications and Credit Framework. This means that it is at least comparable in terms of vocational competence to the standards required for honours degrees and graduate diplomas.

Conversion of the Professional Performing Arts Diplomas to BA (Hons) Professional Practice.

The Diploma  is an APL route onto some MA programmes, including the MA Professional Practice at Middlesex University.  However, students may first wish to acquire a more academically oriented qualification at the same level.

Therefore, students who have successfully completed their Diploma, can apply to Middlesex University to take the BA conversion course. The BA(Hons) Professional Practice (BAPP) has been created especially for students who have graduated from Trinity validated Providers. The course gives participants the opportunity to convert their diploma to a BA(Hons) while carrying on their professional activities. Taken over one year, participants will be required to compile a professional portfolio and undertake a practice based project.

For more information on the BA(Hons) Professional Practice, please click here


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