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Drum Kit Foundation Repertoire


Une Heure Gronde Initiation 1 (from Drums Movie Session)


Coldplay (Berryman/Martin/  Buckland/Champion)

Clocks (from Drum Along)

Bosworth Ed

Gastaldin, C/ Khoury, P

Heavy Guitar Initiation 11 (from Studio Session)



Loco Pacomillo Initiation 1 version (from Stage Session)



Mass Deception (from Monster Hit Dance Grooves)

Curnow Music

Roverato/ Robinson/Zoro

Sho Nuff. (from The Commandments of R&B Drumming)



Every Breath You Take (from Play Drums with The Police)

Wise Pubs.

Weckl, D

Latin (from Ultimate Play Along Level 1 Vol.1)


Weckl, D

Rock Ballad (from Ultimate Play Along Level 1 Vol.1)


Weckl, D

Sraight 8s (from Ultimate Play Along Level 1 Vol.1)



At Foundation level, the programme of works performed must be between 8 and 10 minutes 

This time limit refers to the total duration of all the pieces performed, including breaks between movements but does not include:

  • arrival/departure time
  • setting up
  • tuning
  • breaks or pauses between items.

Permitted repertoire

While more than one item must be presented, the total number of works is not prescribed.

A list of indicative repertoire is provided below, and the entire programme may be selected from this list.

Alternatively, up to one third of the time available (3 ½ minutes) may be taken up by one or more pieces of the candidate's own choice.  These may be taken from any source, including current or past grade syllabuses of any board. A candidate's own composition(s) may also be included in this allowance if wished.  

All own-choice repertoire must be of a similar level of technical and musical demand as the pieces on the list, and should agree with the guidelines for selection of repertoire which are available here

Note that there will be no facility for pre-approval of any own-choice repertoire, either by Trinity's London Head Office or by individual examiners. Candidates are strongly advised to refer to the lists of indicative repertoire and the descriptors when selecting own-choice music.

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