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Spoken English for Work (SEW)

Preparing learners for the real world of work

The Spoken English for Work (SEW) exam is a unique assessment of spoken English communication in a work context. Through a series of interactive tasks, SEW tests assess a full range of practical speaking and listening skills that are required in the world of work on a day-to-day basis.

SEW prepares candidates for real-life working situations by providing valuable practice and assessment in telephone conversations, formal and informal presentations - along with the opportunity to discuss real work issues in an English-speaking context.

SEW provides a measure of linguistic competence from intermediate to advanced levels - from B1 to C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (2001).

SEW is offered at four levels:

  • SEW B1
  • SEW B2
  • SEW B2+
  • SEW C1

At each proficiency level the exam contains 3 types of tasks:

This SEW factsheet provides a brief overview. Full details are contained in the SEW Specifications document.

To find out what the exams are like watch example videos of SEW exams at levels B1, B2, B2+ and C1. 

Exam fees and dates

For information about exam fees and local availability, please contact your local Trinity office

Results and certificates

Certificates are usually despatched within 4-6 weeks of the exam after results have been approved. 

Become a Trinity exam centre

You must be a Registered Trinity Centre to run our exams. Find out more




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