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Career prospects

There are many jobs available for those who hold a reputable certificate in TESOL or TEFL in the UK and worldwide. Your training organisation should give you some basic information about the best sources of information on jobs. The more serious British newspapers and specialist journals include features on TESOL / TEFL and advertisements for teaching posts.

You will also find a lot of information on the internet.

Before committing yourself to any post, in the UK or elsewhere, you should be sure that you have as much information about the organisation and position as possible:

  • What sort of contract or agreement will you be given?
  • How many hours will you teach?
  • How much will you be paid and on what basis, and to cover which duties;
  • Will you be paid for non-teaching activities?
  • Will there be professional support for you from other more experienced teachers?
  • If you are going to another country, what will be the tax and national insurance arrangements?
  • Will there be help in finding accommodation?

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