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Argentina - who we are, what we do

Trinity College London has been delivering examinations in Argentina since 1995. Trinity examines candidates for the Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) and Integrated Skills in English (ISE) examinations in Argentina. Candidates come from the private and state organisations - primary, secondary and universities. Trinity ESOL exams are widely recognised by Universities in Argentina and are becoming more and more popular with adults in companies, as English is considered an essential communication tool in every business field.

Trinity is a registered non-profit organization in Argentina. Our office, based in Martínez (Buenos Aires), is the main point of contact for schools, Universities, Private Language schools and companies.

At the heart of Trinity’s work is the support we provide for teachers, both in terms of specific support for teachers preparing candidates for our exams, and more general teacher development. Our work with teachers is supported by Ministries of Education in the provinces. Our teacher training sessions are recognised by provincial ministries of education granting credits for teachers. 

Who we are:

  • Erna Berntz - National Consultant
  • Julieta Serrano - Operations Manager & Senior Consultant
  • Adela Rojas - Area Consultant
  • Aldana Sanjuanbenito - Area Consultant
  • Carolina Fierro - Office Assistant
  • Beatriz Coello - Administrator

Exams we provide in Argentina:



Trinity ISE and studying in Argentina

Trinity’s Integrated Skills in English (ISE) exam is recognised increasingly across institutions in Argentina as evidence of English language proficiency – further information.


What we offer:

Our network of consultants provides our contacts and registered centres with the material necessary for exams preparation. Our service includes continuous contact to provide assistance to heads and directors. We organize training sessions for teachers preparing candidates. The consultants team supports promotions at schools by attending parents meetings and certificates delivery ceremonies.

We also provide free of charge workshops and training sessions through:

  • Academic seminars in Buenos Aires, as well as in many cities in the provinces.
  • In-training sessions specific for exams preparation and focusing on teachers’ needs and exam types.
  • Trinity examiners come to Argentina and deliver special courses for our centres.
  • Trinity participates in teachers conferences and events all around the country.


Frequently asked questions:

1. Who can become a Trinity centre?

Anyone - a school, a company, a university, etc - as long as they can document that they have been operating legally for at least two calendar years.

Trinity does not sign exclusive agreements with centres, therefore another school nearby can apply to become a centre as well. Trinity is not a school association and, as the countries where it offers exams are so varied, there are no minimum facilities / qualifications for a centre to meet.

2. How can I become a Trinity centre?

You have to complete a center registration form and submit to your Area Consultant with the requested documents demonstrating that you and/or the centre is operating legally. Once the Application Form has been completed you just forward it by fax or e-mail our offices in BA. Your request is processed in London and, upon acceptance, a pack of background material will be sent, including a Registered Centre Certificate and your unique centre Registration Number.

This is usually a quick process which will be completed with one week after the forms reception. Once you receive confirmation from Trinity, you are free to advertise the fact that you are a Registered Examination Centre.

Please contact us to request the Centre Registration Form.

3. What costs are involved?

Registering as a centre is free. However, not entering candidates for two years will usually mean a call asking whether the centre would like help in promoting the exams or wishes to be de-registered - without prejudice to re-registering in the future.

The only monies that change hands are the candidates' fees - there's a minimum fee policy requested. These will cover ALL Trinity expenses: examiners fees, hotel, transport, documents, leaflets, etc. However they do not cover centre expenses: secretarial time, phone, fax, postal costs (though these are minimal as Trinity provides a computer based program for candidates' enrolment), exam preparation classes, exam day stewarding of candidates, etc.

4. When are exams held?

To enrol candidates you must take into account our closing dates which are usually between 6 to 8 weeks before the actual exam session.

Every year we deliver two exam sessions: the first one in October and the second one during November and December.

How to contact us:

Trinity in Argentina



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