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SELT course preparation

The Trinity SELT exams that course providers can prepare candidates for are: 

Graded Examinations in Spoken English.

ISE: Integrated Skills in English four skills exams.

See how CEFR levels align with RQF levels here


GESE exams – Notes for SELT course providers

Trinity’s GESE exams are suitable for SELT and non-SELT candidates so course providers will find materials in both the UK visa section of our website and the ESOL qualifications section. Some of the materials in the UK visa section have been slightly modified to reflect adult test taker profiles.

Please note: GESE certification timing and exam administration differs between SELT and non-SELT exams. Exams taken for SELT visa purposes in the UK MUST be taken in a Trinity SELT Centre.


ISE exams – Notes for SELT course providers

Trinity ISE exams are suitable for SELT and non-SELT candidates. Course providers will therefore find resources available in both the UK visa section of this website and in ESOL qualifications (where there is also an overview and introduction to ISE,  together with links to teaching and learning resources for each proficiency level).

For ease of reference, here are quick links to the relevant pages in the SELT section:

Here are quick links to example Scheme of Work templates for preparing your own coursework:


Please note:

Whereas non-SELT candidates may take ISE exam modules on different days, candidates taking ISE for SELT purposes in the UK MUST take both exam modules on the same day in a Trinity SELT Centre. Accordingly, SELT candidates who pass ISE receive a single ISE certificate.

For SELT students, please ONLY use the ISE Guides for Students here in the Tests for UKVI section of the website. This is because of differences in certification description.

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