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Environmental Policy

Trinity College London recognises that its operations can have an impact on the environment and is therefore committed to minimise this impact by adhering to a range of sustainable practices and setting targets to continually improve its environmental performance.

To accomplish this Trinity College London will:

  • Review and analyse systematically the range of environmental issues arising from its operations
  • Comply with relevant current and anticipated environmental legislation, regulations and official codes of practice
  • Raise awareness of and encourage participation in environmental matters amongst its employees and associates
  • Ensure that the environmental policy is implemented and supported at all levels of the company
  • Use suppliers, wherever possible, who are committed to minimising the environmental impact of their business
  • Monitor, evaluate and continually improve its environmental performance
  • Communicate openly the progress in reducing its environmental impact to internal and external stakeholders

 Specific objectives include:

  • Reducing the consumption of resources such as paper and plastic
  • Minimising waste by encouraging re-use and recycling
  • Making greater use of recycled products and materials, and materials derived from sustainable sources  
  • Increasing efficiency of water and energy usage
  • Minimising environmental impact of business travel through long term planning and use of innovative technologies
  • Reviewing this Environmental Policy annually to take into account best environmental practices and changes in business requirements, legislation, Government targets, and technology.

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