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Now you can be guided and inspired by our example programmes for Trinity Musical Theatre exams, available for each grade from Initial to Grade 8.

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Refer to these resources to help you:

  • Reduce time and complexity connected to researching suitable repertoire for each grade
  • Personalise the exam experience for students by offering pieces that speak to individual tastes and preferences, through taking inspiration from our range of suggestions
  • Navigate successfully as you research further into musical theatre styles and contexts, using the sample programmes as a springboard
  • Offer parents and candidates a fuller understanding of the expected skill-level and competencies required by each grade
  • Promote a positive exam experience for students and more successful outcomes overall.

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Find out more about Trinity’s Musical Theatre exams

If developing students’ skills and competencies through musical theatre exams is important to you, you may be interested in learning about Trinity’s Musical Theatre graded exams in more detail. Trinity’s Musical Theatre exams are designed to nurture ‘triple threat’ performers and prepare candidates for further study in the genre.

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