Performance Arts

Performance Arts is an innovative Trinity College London syllabus that offers students in all performance arts the opportunity to demonstrate their achievement in a wide range of skills.

Performance Arts is a subject that includes any kind of recognised performance skill, for example:

  • acting
  • singing
  • dancing
  • playing a musical instrument
  • speaking poetry or prose
  • mime
  • puppetry
  • classical or folk song
  • stage fighting
  • juggling
  • clowning
  • performing as a comic
  • performing magic
  • script-writing
  • make-up
  • video
  • costume and set design
  • puppet-making
  • direction

Candidates wide-ranging skills in the performance arts may find enjoyment and a sense of achievement in having their accomplishments recognised and rewarded through presenting themselves for assessment in this syllabus, which is available for Grades 1–8.

The Performance Arts syllabus is available for entry as a solo performer, for pairs, and for groups of three or more. There is also a syllabus option for Performance Arts in Production.

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