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Submission of your video is in your control - upload your exam at a time and place that suits you. Your local representative will be able to advise you of your specific submission window and your assessment can be uploaded at any point during that time frame.  

How to upload your music performance

How to upload your drama performance

Your performance is submitted on Trinity’s exam portal. Approximately one week after registering for your exam, you will receive details for your exam account, and from this point you have two weeks within which to upload your performance video and files for marking.

You may not use the video from your original entry for any subsequent Trinity exam entries.

Please note: our exam portal has been newly upgraded to offer enhanced functionality and user experience to our candidates and teachers. If you previously used Trinity’s exam portal to submit for an interim exam in Summer 2020 you will require a new account, and you cannot use the previous log in details.  

Preparing your video file for upload 

Once you have filmed your performance, you will need to ensure that it is smaller than the maximum file size capacity of 1 GB. If your file is larger than this, please click here for support on compressing your file.

When you log in, you will see space to upload your video file and exam documents. There will be a checklist on the submission page to ensure you upload all the relevant documentation. 

Before you submit, you will be asked to have a responsible adult (teacher, parent, or carer) sign a declaration to confirm your identity, and that the work you are uploading is your own. Please note that we reserve the right to spot-check identity, and there may be additional controls depending on which country you are in – please check with your local representative for further information.

When you are ready to submit, your submission will be confirmed by a message on screen. If you receive this message, please rest assured that your exam has been received safely.

You may not use the video from your original entry for any subsequent Trinity exam entries.

We strongly advise candidates not to share their performance videos online. Pieces in the Music and the Drama and Performance syllabuses are under copyright, and many of those rights are not owned by Trinity. Trinity only has the required permissions for usage of these pieces in TCL Press published books and in relation to Trinity exams. As such, if you would like to share your videos online, you should apply to the copyright owner(s) to obtain synchronisation licences as Trinity does not usually have the right to grant the relevant permissions. Any candidate sharing performances of copyrighted material will be personally liable for any breach of copyright law.


  1. Ensure your video file is below the maximum file size for submission - click here for advice on what to do if it is larger than allowed
  2. Ensure you have collated all the supporting documentation required (eg scans of your music notation or spoken texts, approval letters, etc. Please see the relevant syllabus for the full list) 
  3. Download and complete the submission information form below:


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