Taking your test

What happens when you arrive at a UK Trinity SELT centre?

Morning session

  • When you arrive for your test, you will be greeted by your steward who will guide you through each step of the test process.
  • Your steward will ask you to turn off all electronic devices, including your mobile phone.
  • Your steward will check that you don’t have anything in your pockets, anything written on your hands, arms or on your tie, anything in your ears and you must remove any hats or caps.
  • Water, pens, paper and all other resources will be provided. During the test you may only have the following with you:
      • your approved ID
      • your locker key
      • for ISE I only, your topic form for the Speaking & Listening test
      • for ISE II only, your topic notes if you have prepared some
      • for ISE III only, your handout for the topic task presentation
  • The steward will then take you into a registration waiting room where you will be called up to be registered for the test and go through the security checks outlined below. 
  • The registrar will take a passport-style photo of you and will check your ID and take a scan of it. You will also be asked to sign your signature that directly matches the approved ID you have brought in with you. 
  • Once the morning's test is complete your belongings will be returned to you and the steward will confirm the time you need to return for your afternoon session.

Afternoon session

  • When you arrive for the afternoon session you will be asked again to turn off all electronic devices, you will have your pockets etc checked, and you will place all your belongings into a locker.
  • The steward will then re-enter the registration room and you will have your ID checked again. When it’s time for your test the steward will collect you from the registration room and escort you into your test.
  • Once your test is complete, your belongings will be returned to you and the steward will give you some information on when and how you will receive your results and certificate. You are then free to leave the centre. 


What happens in the test?

Reading & Writing

  • The Reading & Writing part of the test will last for 2 hours. The steward will escort you into the exam room 20 minutes before the start of the test. 
  • You will be guided to your seat and told what to do. At this point you are under exam conditions so cannot speak or communicate in any way with any other candidates. 
  • The exam supervisor then reads out the exam instructions.

Speaking & Listening

  • The Speaking & Listening part of the test lasts as follows:
    • ISE I – 18mins
    • ISE II – 20mins
    • ISE III – 25mins
  • You will be taken into an exam room by your steward where you will sit with an examiner for a one-on-one conversation-style test.
    • For ISE I only: you will need your topic form for this part of the exam.
    • For ISE II only: you will need your topic notes, if you have prepared some.
    • for ISE III only: you will need your handout for the topic task presentation.

Once your test is finished the steward will meet you and guide you as to what happens next.

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