ISE I - Reading & Writing computer-based test

Available at the Hammersmith - London West SELT centre

Candidates who book their their ISE I (B1) test at Trinity's Hammersmith - London West SELT centre take the Reading & Writing part of the test on a computer. Paper-based tests are available at other Trinity SELT centres including Kings Cross - London Central and Croydon - London South.

IMPORTANT: only book the computer-based format if you can use a computer and mouse with a UK keyboard.

Book ISE I test at Hammersmith - London West

About the computer-based test format

The Reading & Writing test content is exactly the same as the paper test but in computer format.

Remember that Reading & Writing is only part of the test. The Speaking & Listening part of the test is always one-to-one with an examiner.

What is the computer-based test like?

  • Try some practice activities using a computer
  • Watch a video about taking the Reading & Writing part of the ISE test on a computer
  • Try an ISE Reading & Writing practice test using a computer

Find out more

Prepare for your English test in the usual way by learning and practising English and familiarising yourself with the ISE I test format, making use of general resources on our website and this interactive selection.

Special needs

Candidates with any special needs should contact us before booking on 0333 358 3183 or via mail at


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