Taking your test - step by step

Find out more about taking Trinity's GESE Secure English Language Test:

Step 1

Contact us before you book your test if you have any questions, or to buy study material.

Call: 0333 358 3183
Email: SELT@trinitycollege.co.uk

Step 2

Book your test at trinitySELT.co.uk

Step 3

You will receive an email showing your exam details – check your personal details, exam location, exam date and exam grade are correct.

If they are not correct, please call us on 0333 358 3183.

Step 4

You will receive a second email, normally within an hour of registering, that confirms the exact time of your exam – please check your junk/spam folder in your email account for this if you cannot see it.

Please contact us on 0333 358 3183 if you do not receive this email.

Step 5

Arrive at the test centre at the time given on your second email - you will be greeted by your personal steward.

Please note that only the candidate can enter the exam centre. Family members or other people are not allowed to enter the exam centre or wait in the reception area.

Step 6

Empty all of your personal belongings into a secure locker – this includes electrical items (phones, laptop, tablet, etc) which will also need to be turned off.

Step 7

Additional security checks – your steward will check that you don’t have anything in your pockets, anything written on your hands, arms or on your tie, anything in your ears and you must remove any hats or caps.

Please note that CCTV is used at our exam centres for security purposes.

Step 8

Exam registration – the registrar will take a passport-style photo of you and will check your ID and take a scan of it. You will also be asked to sign your signature.

The ID you bring must be the same ID that you used to register.

Step 9

You will be taken to the test by your steward.

Step 10

You will be in your test for:

  • GESE Grade 2 (A1) test - 6 minutes
  • GESE Grade 3 (A2) test - 7 minutes
  • GESE Grade 5 (B1) test - 10 minutes

Step 11

After the test, you will be met by your steward who will explain how to get information about your certificate and results, as well as the different delivery options available.

Step 12

Once your results are confirmed, if you have passed, your certificate will be sent usually within 7 days.




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