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Please find below frequently asked questions relating to Digital Grades and Diplomas.

Plans for restarting face-to-face exams differ from country to country. Please refer to the relevant country page in Your local Trinity for the most up to date information on face-to-face exams.

Yes, the Digital Grades and Diplomas are regulated in exactly the same way and carry the same value as the face-to-face Graded Exam. There are also no changes to the awarded certificate.

The performance of the pieces and technical work should be filmed in one continuous take, without edits. Further support on how to video the performance successfully and requirements of the videos, including file size and how to make your upload, will made be made available on the website shortly.

We’ll be releasing full information and the syllabuses on the website shortly. In the meantime, candidates should prepare their performance pieces and any technical work. There will be a different approach a for the Supporting tests/Session skills and details will be available shortly. Please refer to the relevant syllabuses for information on the pieces and technical requirements.

Digital Grades and Diplomas are a new type of qualification, available to anyone who would prefer to have their progress assessed through video submission. They are also the solution for candidates who aren’t able to take their face-to-face grade exam due to lockdown restrictions, and meet the requirements for adapted qualifications as set out by Ofqual and the Department for Education this year in the ‘Extended Extraordinary Regulatory Framework’ in full.

No, the entire exam will be a direct assessment of the candidate’s work by an examiner. Calculating results earlier in the year was an approach used nationally by a number of Awarding Organisations in response to Ofqual’s ‘Extraordinary Regulatory Framework’ which was designed to enable candidates to continue with their exams in the event of lockdown during COVID-19.

At this time, the Digital Grades are only available for Solo exams. We are working on a solution for Pair and Group exams and these will be available in the next release.

The FTCL is not available through the Digital Diplomas at this time. Please refer to the relevant country page in Your local Trinity for information about the restart of face-to-face exams in your area.

Information on when bookings will open and how to book will be made on our website shortly.

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