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Trinity’s new Rock & Pop Spotify playlists

27 October 2017

Trinity Rock & Pop has just brought out a range of playlists on Spotify, featuring artists’ original versions of tracks on the new 2018 Rock & Pop syllabus.

Providing teachers and learners with a handy place to go for inspiration, the playlists bring together tracks featuring on the Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals syllabuses for Initial to Grade 8. There’s also a range of ‘more to explore’ playlists with suggestions of other tracks to look at around a particular song on the syllabus, as listed in our Producer’s Notes resources. 

Whether wanting to be introduced to songs they’ve never heard before, remind themselves of the original versions, or explore related artists and tracks, teachers and learners can use these playlists as a one-stop-resource as part of their rock and pop music experience.

You can follow Trinity Rock & Pop, and our playlists, on Spotify here.

To find out more about the full Rock & Pop experience visit: trinityrock.com 

Rock & Pop 2018: Real songs. Real skills. Real progress.  

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