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Trinity’s Licentiate (LTCL) music performance diploma

29 April 2015

There has been recent media attention focusing on Curtis Elton, a young musician in the UK who has been awarded the Licentiate of Trinity College London (LTCL) qualification at the age of 11. This is a significant achievement and we offer him, and all other successful candidates, our congratulations.

Trinity is proud to support young musicians around the world as they set out and progress on a lifetime of musical appreciation and achievement.


About the LTCL music performance diploma

  1. Trinity’s LTCL music performance diploma is a Level 6 qualification, not a degree.
  2. It is a stand-alone qualification in musical performance for those wishing to extend their competence and skills in performance of music.
  3. Although both Level 6 qualifications, the LTCL is comparable to the final year of an undergraduate degree in terms of level of demand, rather than breadth of content.
  4. Trinity diplomas are specialist in nature and do not cover the same breadth of study as degree programmes.
  5. Trinity College London is a leading international exam board and awards qualifications to candidates learning music around the world.


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