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Trinity College London Sponsors the English Language Teaching Demonstration in China

11 January 2008

In November 2007 Trinity College London sponsored and supported the latest English Language Teaching Demonstration in China – initiated by the National Foreign Language Teaching and Research Association and held in Nanjing.

Trinity provided pre-event training and post-event follow-up through its trainers from English for Asia, Hong Kong – Maria Bjorning Gyde and Frank Doogan (Fusion Teaching.)  Training took the form of almost two days of excellent skills development, classroom management and confidence-building. Maria,Frank, and Jenny Pugsley (Head of Trinity TESOL), together with our Professor Kwesting Lu of the Beijing Institute, Central China Normal University, gave presentations at a symposium for some 60 teachers on aspects of TBL with particular reference to Trinity language examinations and Trinity teacher training.

See www.trinitycollege.co.uk/englishinchina to view the presentation material.

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