You can adjust your backing track to the right key for your own vocal range with this useful online free tool. Follow the instructions below and, within a few moments, a link to the converted file will appear.

In the exam, Rock & Pop vocalists are free to present songs in any key suitable for their vocal range. This means that transposed backing tracks created using the online tool can be taken into the exam and used on the day. Please note that the examiner will not have their own transposed versions of backing tracks, so it's important that candidates bring their transposed tracks in with them.


Note: if you are using a Mac there is a step-by-step guide to using the Transposition Tool available here.

  1. Please choose a file and select the desired pitch change in semitones. The maximum file size is 12 megabytes.
  2. Files uploaded to the Transposition tool must first be in MP3, WAV or M4A format - it's not possible to upload tracks directly from a regular CD. Please see the instructions below for converting CD audio tracks to MP3 or WAV files in your media player.
  3. Press "Convert" to start the conversion.



Instructions for converting .CDA files to MP3 or WAV files in your media player:


Windows Media Player