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South Africa Matric

Trinity music examinations may now be submitted for Matric, and also for FETC (Further Education and Training Certificate) once that replaces Matric.

Trinity music examinations are registered with SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority)

The minimum requirements for Matric are:

  • Grade 6 Trinity theory + Grade 6 Trinity practical for Standard grade Matric
  • Grade 6 Trinity theory + Grade 7 Trinity practical for Higher grade Matric

This means that music students may continue to study privately with a teacher of their choice and any of the musical instruments for which Trinity offers examinations, including electronic keyboard, and drum kit.

A student simply informs their school that he/she is offering Trinity music as a Group F subject, either as a sixth or seventh subject. If it is to be considered for university entrance then the practical part must be done within six months of the Matric exam. Most of the main centres have two or three practical examination sessions a year, all of which fall within the required period.

For more information, please contact your local Trinity representative or the National Manager.

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