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Submitting work for assessment

Candidates ready to submit work for assessment must be registered with a Registered Centre 

The Registered Centre will ensure that you are issued with a log in for the Trinity virtual learning environment (VLE) where you will be able to upload your work or take the online assessment for unit 2.  

Once you have received your log in and been registered for the course you can access the upload platform here

You can download a step by step guide to using the upload area here

For an problems with log ins or uploading materials to the platform please contact this email address

The first time you log in to the VLE you will be asked to accept Trinity’s terms and conditions before continuing. 

Access to the Unit 2 platform will be given when the candidate is registered for that unit. 

DDTAL submission checklist summarises the materials required to be submitted for each unit.   The ‘Submit Assignment’ button should only be clicked once all the documents have been attached. 

Declaration forms must be uploaded with materials submitted for units 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6.   

Unit 1 declaration form 

Unit 3 declaration form 

Unit 4 declaration form

Unit 5 declaration form 

Unit 6 declaration form 

Written submissions should be uploaded in Word with the file name saved in the following format:

[Candidate surnameCandidate first name]_[Candidate ID*]_[Centre Name]_[Task number] . For example, John Smith would save his Work Plan submission as:  SmithJohn_05-351697_MorganDanceCentre_Task1.

* Trinity will issue the Registered Centre with a Candidate ID after the initial registration for the diploma.

Filmed submissions for units 4 and 6 must be uploaded to a password protected website of your choice (e.g. Vimeo).   The link to the footage and the password should be submitted to the VLE in a Word document with the file name saved as above.

Unit 6 discussion - Trinity will approach the Registered Centre to arrange the discussion once the submission has been marked.  The discussion will be conducted via an online method. 

Guidance for written and filmed submissions can be found in the Additional Guidance for Candidates section of the specification

Filming consent form

Sample teaching evidence form for Unit 6

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