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Performing Musical Theatre

Trinity’s range of Diplomas is being updated and some of our higher level qualifications are due to be withdrawn. For more details on which ones, and the timeline for withdrawal please read our news release.



Highlights from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012

‘Putting it Together’ showcased graduates of the Musical Theatre course at Knightswood Dance School of Scotland – the future stars of the West End. Each student performed their final cabaret for the Trinity Musical Theatre diploma, and each audience was blown away by the level of talent.

The requirements and attainment levels for Trinity College London Diplomas in Performing (Musical Theatre) are parallel with the diplomas in Drama and Speech performing (please see also the Performing Speech and Drama page).

The ATCL requires a performance programme of 25 minutes, followed by a viva voce. For the three-unit Licentiate, a performance programme of 30 minutes, a written paper of supporting theory, and submitted work on reflective practice. For the Fellowship, a performance programme including a talk on preparation, followed by a viva voce, and a submitted dissertation.

Candidates have a very wide choice of material for this syllabus and may include items from their own country or culture where they meet syllabus requirements.

For the Musical Theatre Associate Diploma, candidates must demonstrate professional potential in two major musical theatre disciplines (dance, singing, acting) and present a varied programme including sung and spoken items, one of which may be a duet or duologue; one item must be dance-based.

The Licentiate diploma performance component requires candidates to devise and perform a 30-minute platform performance demonstrating a wide range of skills in the field of musical theatre performance. Repertoire should be drawn from a wide spectrum of musical theatre styles. During the viva voce that follows, the items performed will be discussed with the examiner, along with technical aspects of performance and rehearsal, and other matters to do with production. The candidate will be required to work also on a previously unseen item.

The Trinity Drama and Speech Diplomas Syllabus should be studied for complete syllabus requirements. It offers detailed advice and includes attainment descriptors, methods of assessment and examination procedures.

Follow this link to our page of Diploma Sample Written Papers

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