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Communication Skills: Individuals

The Communication Skills Grades syllabus for individuals is available at all Grade levels, Initial, Foundation (Grades 1–3), Intermediate (Grades 4–5) and Advanced (Grades 6–8).

At every level, the syllabus supports the development of presentation skills, clear expressive speech, logical thought, and confidence in maintaining a point of view.

At Initial level, the candidate will give a talk about a small object he has brought into the room and tell a brief story. Meeting and greeting is part of the assessment. At Foundation level, conversation may include discussion of the candidate's interests, and prepared role-play of a situation in which the candidate has to be persuasive, in addition to a prepared talk about a news item.

At Intermediate level, reading aloud and listening skills are additional tasks. At Advanced level, a demonstration or persuasive presentation is required. At Grade 8, skill in summarising is tested both in presentation and listening, and the candidate's presentation– with audio and visual aids – is a critical evaluation of the communication tools used in advertising, politics, education or religion.

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