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Drama & Speech, Dance and PPAD (DaDA) examiner vacancies

Trinity College London is one of the world’s leading examination boards, offering exams in English language and the performing and creative arts in more than 60 countries. Established in 1877, we are known and respected for the wide range and content of our syllabuses as well as our ability to provide first-class care and support to our student, teacher and customer communities.

All Assessors work on a freelance, self-employed basis.


Drama & Performance

Drama & Performance at Trinity covers a wide range of Drama, Musical Theatre, Performance Arts, and Communication Skills qualifications. We have three panels of Examiners and Assessors associated with these areas:

  • Drama Examiners panel
    Drama Examiners
     are qualified to examine Graded exams and Diplomas for the Acting & Speaking, Performance Arts, Communication Skills and Musical Theatre syllabuses.

If you have any questions about Examiner/Assessor recruitment for Drama, PPAD or Dance panels please email drama@trinitycollege.com


Trinity is not currently recruiting for Drama examiners. Please check back here regularly for details about future opportunities.



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